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Evance Wind Turbines

In an ideal world we would all have access to clean, sustainable and affordable energy.  By harnessing the power of the wind we can.  Evance is at the heart of an energy revolution that is striving to turn this vision into reality.

Evance is helping schools, farms, businesses and homes around the world to become independent green energy producers, and reduce their bills.

The Evance Iskra R9000 Advanced Wind Turbine is the result of 10 years of dedicated research and development, and is based on Evance's experience of designing utility scale turbines.  Specifically designed to work with the wind to capture more energy at lower wind speeds, the R9000 is the most efficient 5kW turbine available, producing more energy a year than other 5kW, 6kW and even 10kW turbines.  Combining their patented state of the art technology and elegant design, the R9000 belongs to the ‘next generation’ of small wind turbines, offering class leading quality, performance and reliability.

The R9000 is manufactured in the UK at Evance's new purpose-built facilities near Loughborough.  Using automotive experience, each one is assembled under strict quality control. Every R9000 undergoes final testing to ensure that it complies with their exacting standards.

At Evance their passion for wind energy extends beyond ensuring that their turbines are the best.  Evance is also committed to delivering customer service that is second to none.  Working alongside a network of highly trained, fully certified distributors and resellers, Evance will ensure that every stage of the process – from advice and installation, to maintenance and servicing – is carried out by a qualified team chosen for their dedication and excellence.

Evance is pioneering the production of exceptional small wind turbines, enabling people all over the world to harness wind energy, and power their future with a clean conscience.

Visit the Evance website at www.evancewind.com.


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