2016 Solar Products Catalog

Specializing in Sustainable Solar and Wind Energy Products to Brighten your Life!

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Welcome to Linda and Terry Wolff’s

Please be sure you have an account setup with Bongo International if you live outside the USA including Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, and Mexico. We do not ship outside the US.

Please use this form to contact us with your comments or questions. Your interaction, makes our website a better place for both you and for other shoppers.

Contact Information

Phone: If you want to be called please mention so in the comments section of the below form

Solar Taos, LLC

PO Box 159
New Mexico, 87517

E-mail: Info@SolarTaos.com


Again I would like to reiterate that Linda and I are semi-retired and that we continue to provide great solar products.
Depending on the season, Linda will be tending the gardens and chicks and I will be either working on the ranch or attending to my artwork in my woodcarving studio. During the winter I will be skiing.
Because of this we are rarely in the office, this also means we are hardly near a phone,
if we were, I would have made it visible on every page.
So, the best way to reach us is by using the form below or sending us an email. Then when we get to a computer we can email you back.

If you want to place an order using a credit card you must place your order on line as we do not bet involved with credit cards. To place your order using a check proceed as though you are making an order, when you have everything ordered simply print out the order and mail it along with your check, and please include your email address if you want your receipt.