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Home & Garden Composters



A SUN-MAR Garden Composter is a gardener’s dream. You know that by recycling you are doing the right thing, and it’s fun to produce your own compost effortlessly

Why Compost?
Benefits of Composting Your Kitchen and Yard

Waste Include:

1. Healthier plants, because of the improved soil structure and additional
    nutrients in the compost
2. Reduced waste disposal costs
3. FREE source of fertilizer
4. Reduced water bills, because soil mixed with compost retains water
    better than regular soil

Four Reasons You’ll Enjoy Using Our Composters

1. You’ll be creating first class compost material
You’ll send less waste to the dump
3. You’ll have easy to use, top-of-the-line equipment
You won’t be bothered by pests

Composting the SUN-MAR way

Keep the compost moist and oxygenated.
This means rotating the drum regularly to add oxygen, and adding water when the compost gets dry.
Keep the compost warm.
This is not usually a concern because the compost in the drum and the drum’s insulating properties keep the heat in.

Aim for the right carbon/nitrogen ratio.
Adding a mixture of kitchen and regular yard waste is effective, but for better, faster results, add carbon-rich material (browns) like sawdust, straw, dry leaves, or wood chips. These balance the nitrogen-rich green material and kitchen waste. Chop up the waste if possible: the smaller it is, the faster the breakdown process.

If you use only kitchen waste, you may need to add bulking material or pre-composted material to help with oxygen penetration as the drum rotates.

Sun-Mar 200* Sun-Mar 400*
The Sun-Mar 200 sports a 6 bushel capacity and is suitable for food scraps or small garden urban composting. 

Comes with everything needed for assembly and a small sample of our Compost Swift compost accelerant to super-charge your compost!

(Includes the additional shipping)

The Sun-Mar 400 offers twice the capacity of the 200 and a handle and shaft arrangement to easily rotate the drum. 

Also features patented Autoflow technology which means no waiting for batches to finish!

(Includes the additional shipping)

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